More About Me

Susan Irving is director of the Pacific Union International Estates Division. Representing sellers and buyers of property on the Westside and beyond for nearly two decades, Susan is known for integrity, discretion, and financial acumen. Her clients include knowledgeable leaders in business, finance, entertainment, real estate, and the professions. Prior to her career as a Realtor, Susan was a CPA at a global accounting firm, in financial management at a public company, and in business management for ultra-high net worth clients.

Susan and her husband have bought and renovated several homes and collect art and furniture. They live in an architectural designed by one of Southern California’s revered modernists. They’re deeply involved in our philanthropic community, serving on boards of non-profit and community organizations focusing on children and older adults, education, health, and the arts.

Susan values her long-time relationships and looks forward to establishing new ones.  Combining market understanding, appreciation for home design, and a client-centered approach, Susan offers an enhanced level of service and attention. Outside of time with her valued clients, Susan enjoys time with her family, including her very special dog.